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Mahjong game is known to exist for more than 1,200 years and from its invention it has come as a way to pass time finding relaxation in pairing similar tiles until they are completely eliminated from the board. This game has been spread all over the world undertaking various transformations in the process of being adopted by different countries. Even so, the rules have remained almost the same with the same objectives being pursued throughout the evolution of the game.

You can find the following variations of the game when you plan to play its online version:
Mahjong Versions
These versions are the most often met alternatives when you want to find an online alternative for Mahjong game. Along with the above ones, many other variations come, each one of them carrying its own popularity and significance. These ones are: European classical, Chinese transitional, German, French and Dutch, all of them coming with their availability to be played regardless in what part of world you are.

Why is this game so popular? Mahjong has been around for quite some time, and as you can imagine, a game that hasn't its originality and challenging approaches can not last so long. More than this, the game has gained so much popularity because it has been and still is a great part of the Chinese culture.

Apart from all these aspects, making this game a competitive one, at international level, has drawn the attention of many players wanting to affirm their skills even if this happens under strict rules and regulations. After all, these ones make the game be more inciting and more challenging than ever.

Playing Mahjong onlineyou can experience great ways of relaxing while you put your power of concentration at work developing strategies that can make you be a winner and a better player in front of your opponents, when playing the offline version.