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Mahjong's Popularity and Reasons

Before the emergence of internet and online games introduced by it, many people used to find ways of testing their intelligence and power of concentration while playing challenging games. One of these games that belonged mostly to the sophisticated and smart ones is known as mahjong which was invented even before car was invented. When this game firstly appeared, it was the most popular in its country of origin, China, to be only later spread worldwide lasting more than any other game available in those times.

If we pay attention to the myths of Chinese culture, we find Mahjong as the game existing since 500 BC introduced for the first time to Chinese people by their master Confucius. In the modern times, when internet connection made possible the virtual re-creation of many physical games and gave access to these games as well, Mahjong was as well adapted to this new virtual environment allowing many computer games to fall in love with playing it.

These are the following reasons which contributed to this game popularity:

Mahjong Popularity

Game Of Intelligence

Due to the fact that Mahjong is considered the 'game of 100 intelligences', it has determined many game business owners to evaluate it as a precious game while many players venture into testing their own level of concentration required by this game. Not to mention that some employers nowadays, in order to check one's power of alertness will have their employees involved in playing one Mahjong game to prove their skills in this matter.