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With the release of online games and the ever-growing interest of online gamers, game producing companies started to present their productions with more and more attractive interfaces and absolutely stunning graphics. But with the game of Mahjong, these marketing strategies are really not necessary considering that this game has been around since Confucius times - 500 BC. The game has managed to last for so long precisely for its way of being presented to the players, as well as the elements it includes in the displaying.

Traditionally, Chinese version of Mahjong is played by four players who are placed each at the four cardinal points: one to the North, another to South, east and West. When playing the Chinese original version, the player who is positioned at East will get the first turn being the dealer. In case he will be the one winning the hand, then he can go on playing this part within the game. Being the banker/dealer comes with its benefit: have additional chances to score higher on a hand.

The Chinese set is composed of 144 tiles representing bamboo layout, circles, characters and 16 wind tiles as well as 12 dragon tiles. There are 8 more tiles with floral motif but these ones are not included in the game, but are rather given as extra points while the tiles are distributed and drawn.

The game starts with every player receiving 13 tiles that should be combined in threes for the Pung version of the game and in series for Chow game alternative. To complete the set, there should be 14 tiles to make the specific pairs and the hand that has this one completed is the winning hand.

Once winning, the player gets extra points when he achieves pungs - all in the same suit, or chows when the triplets come in the dragon tiles series. Extra points are also given when the winner is able to pung the wind tiles.

If you reach laying Chinese Mahjong, it might seem confusing at the beginning, when seeing the set displaying in front of you, but you will quickly see that it is easy to comprehend its style of playing. If you happen to have previously played gin rummy, you will have no problems in mastering the game since there are various similarities between these two games.

Chinese Mahjong

Keep In Mind

You should however be aware of the fact that understanding the rules of Chinese Mahjong will compel you into developing some strategies in order to successfully confront with your opponents being able to further maximize your abilities into playing and calculating the odds of winning. When you will begin to master the game you will see how this game became so popular and how did it last for so long outrunning the test of time.