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Mahjong is an ancient Chinese game that was invented with the purpose of spending one's free hours of relaxation while testing his power of concentration and making quick moves in the meantime. From Chinese territory, this game started to be spread many centuries after its inception.

In USA, for instance, it was introduced in the early years of 20th century under its Chinese version. Shortly after, the game has known a transformation gaining as well a new name: American Mahjong. Once it started to become known across USA territory, this game became as well very popular in the 30s.

People residing in USA began playing Mahjong inside their homes, in the parlors and they have even take part in Mahjong championships. But with its increasing popularity, many of the players who were more of the Chinese version fans, began wondering if the game known as American Mahjong was truly worth being defined as 'Mahjong'.

If you take a look at the rules of the American version, you will see that they are not that different from the original version. So, there are 4 players competing for points around a gaming board invoking their own luck as well as their skills for a successful playing. In order to win they are supposed to build sets of tiles and then draw new ones for pairing them as well.

What is different with the American version, is the new technique added known as "Charleston" which is introduced before the actual game starts. This procedure allows Mahjong players exchange the tiles they do not want in their hand. If this technique is used in a proper manner, then players can have an obvious advantage through that they know which tiles they discard and foreseeing the ones they can use inside the game.

Another difference lays with the tiles arrangement since through American version a new tile is added: the Joker. Through this tile you can replace one tile that is missing from your suit. But when it comes to the designs represented on the tiles, American version reproduces the same ones with the Chinese Mahjong. This doesn't mean that there are not other designs as well; you can choose for instance, the Egyptian Edition of Mahjong Master and you will see that this one has Egyptian symbols replacing the Chinese ones.

So, if you look at the basics of these facts, you will understand that there aren't too many differences to be considered with the American Mahjong version. However there still is this controversy between the Chinese version players and the others simply because it is a matter of opinion as everyone is entitled to have his own opinion when choosing to play a version t hat suits the best one's needs and preferences.

You can be loyal to the Chinese Mahjong original version if you want to have an original play, but if you feel like spicing this one up a little, do not overlook the option of diversifying it with a little of American Mahjong version. It is never wrong to have more perspectives over a game as in this way you can gain more insight into the game and thus develop strategies that might make the difference while playing.